Daniel Rodríguez

Daniel Rodríguez


It has been more than six years now since I started on this path, back in Venezuela when I started my architecture studies at the UCV in the Architecture and Urbanism Faculty (FAU), with the embryonic idea of being able to help the most needed parts of the society on its interaction with the formal city, every step taken along these years has had a special meaning always helping rediscovering what I want with it, with the architecture. Having the opportunity after to move and live in Italy, allowed me to do my Master degree on Architecture Construction and City at POLITO (Torino) presenting my Thesis work on Urban Regeneration throughout Mobility, reflecting on the urban reality of Caracas in the confrontation of the two cities formal/informal, treating a slum area (barrios) a historically miss attended sector on our cities; work that helped me to continue on the path of rediscovering new tools to apply in favor of the society.

For me is a series of interconnected actions that give place to the realization of the art, that goes along with discipline, respect, hard work, team collaboration and honesty, qualities that I firmly maintain throughout my work. Qualities that I also find here at Critical Concrete, so it’s on this shared interest that I participate on the amazing work developed by them, always with the goal of helping the most needed parts of our communities, searching for the alternative ways to do thing and with the less environmental impact; here I help with the architectural issues, planning, designing and organization of the projects to carry out, along with the other collaborative duties of the work team.


Green Roof

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