Dimitra Exadaktylou

Dimitra Exadaktylou


Recently graduated the School of Architecture in National Technical University of Athens I decided to participate in Critical Concrete team as an intern in order to understand how architecture can cope with the social demands. It is an opportunity for me to learn and participate in practical workshops and search sustainable ways to practice architecture.

My work here consists a linked connection to my interests and queries about how architectural solutions can have a social impact, but it is also supported by my belief that practical solutions can be accomplished by anyone as long as she/he has the willpower to do it.


Producing cardboard insulation

Following up on the previous blog entries about research on cardboard insulation, this article describes and evaluates the methodology we developed to finally produce insulation panels on a larger scale. Our goal was to insulate an entire roof, thus applying Critical Concretes prototype on to...

Out of the box – Insulation vol.2

We have already written about the potential of using corrugated cardboard in building construction, as it consists a material which not only can be found in infinite amounts and for free, but it can also be applied through a simple procedure. This article refers to...

Wool on the Wall

Our latest research has been focusing in alternative methods of insulation and how these can be applied in an old building and serve as efficiently as other popular ways of insulation. We have already wrote about the properties of cardboard (see here) and how it...