Fanny Wattier

Fanny Wattier


Coming from Belgium with an architecture background, I’m deeply interested in urban, architecture and environment fields through transdisciplinary processes, participatory and collaborative research and projects. After different travelling experiences my sensibilities for human and territory construction in sustainable ways made me end up at Critical Concrete to keep developing a social, collective and meaningful practice while training my hands-on skills.

During an eight months internship, my work here will cross the different aspects of critical projects between logistics, workshops, lab and research.

Besides my experience here in Porto, I created and organized a two weeks long dance festival, Perpetuum Mobile, in Brussels last August 2018 together with two friends. This project took place right after the Summer School and it kept my interests for multidisciplinary projects on track while offering and improving my skills and knowledges and conducting a transversal approach into this project and its creative process.


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