Fruzsina Szmolka

Fruzsina Szmolka

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My name is Fruzsina and I am from Hungary. While studying Human Rights and Development Policy I started focusing on everything related to urban processes and how it affects the „habitat” of human beings, especially those most vulnerable and what tools do we have to initiate change and articulate interests. To be more exact, how to incorporate the human rights-based approach in urban development.

In the past few years I was starting to go after my questions and looking for not just opportunities, but communities where people share my views and where I can develop further. I believe that the work of Critical Concrete – direct effect, researching methodology for building better and more sustainable housing, sharing knowledge while serving the local community with workshops – is an important part of urban change. I would like to be part of this change.


Out of the box – Vol. 3

Research about how to make low-tech insulation out recycled cardboard or paper.