Jennifer (Maschine Tine) Kegler

Jennifer Kegler


I am a passionate woodworker, also bachelor of arts in architecture and just escaped from my master thesis to learn even as much as possible in my fields of interest – namely sustainable design and construction as well as research in building technology and building physics. Regarding these aspects I am always considering non-conventional solutions, trying to close resource cycles and promoting a conscious handling of natural resources.

My permanent need to check the practicability of my theoretical work makes me spend a lot time in workshop and caused already many hands-on experiences. During my studies in Berlin I could participate in various design-build-projects for example a self-organized learning and neighbourhood centre called Die Laube, the kitchen on the run – a mobile kitchen made of an overseas container and the mobile library and cultural meeting place named baynetna.

And now I am very looking forward to all my tasks as critical concrete team member. See you in workshop!