Kristoffer Holm

Kristoffer Holm
Carpenter & Socail scientist


Hi, I’m Kristoffer! I have a MSC in social sciences in city, housing and settlement patterns. My focus here was primarily to scrutinize and criticize capitalist-driven urban development, such as gentrification and accumulation by dispossession. Afterwards I worked some years with temporary urban spaces in a department of city planning in Denmark, before getting tired of having a desk job with a height adjustable table and shitty coffee.

I therefore decided to learn a craftmanship, and now, 3,5 years later, I just finished my education in joinery/carpentry. Now I’m planning to learn as much as possible about sustainable building methods and materials, so that I’ll be able to help changing the way we build in Denmark and in other western countries.

I stumbled upon Critical Concrete which I was quickly drawn to, because I admire the way they try to fusion participatory planning and sustainable (both social and environmental) building methods.

When I’m not building stuff, you can usually find me at the joiners union in Copenhagen, on my parents’ biological farm north of Copenhagen, in the small upcycling company that I own with my brother or in some music studio somewhere pretending that I’m a popstar from the 1980’s