Liliana Torres

Liliana Torres

Administrative Assistant
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As someone that went all over arts school and educational paths, being part of this project is being on the other side of the wall. I’ve always had teams like this as teachers and mentors, and being able to work with them is just something different and amazing. I can now learn in a deeper way, and taking advantage of all my small resources as an arts student and cosplayer, from people I know such as architects, engineers, electricians and even builders to help with some ideas and even circumvent some others, attempting to make the job of the entire team easier.

“Live life well and fully, and waste nothing.” is part of my way of being. So all the work with reused materials and scraps of what others think it won’t be useful no more is an amazing concept that I’ll love to keep on applying in everything I can.

My job here in Critical Concrete is being an administrative. Contact with companies, students, and as a person that was born in Porto, translate and communicate everything related to Portuguese and taking care of contracts and bills.

Also would like to add a statement: It does not matter if you have coloured hair, piercings or tattoos. What matters is what you are, and these people accept you, no matter how you look!