Martina Eandi

Martina Eandi

Architect and Research
After my education in Architecture and Urbanism between Torino, Lisboa and Santiago de Chile, I decided to come back to Portugal and join the Critical Concrete team.
I’m really interested in Architecture processes and handcraft practices, in particular related to social strategies of inclusion; attention to the enviroment developing ideas according to a circular economy, sustainable and ecological strategies in Urbanism and Architecture fields. Also I believe in the strenght of sharing knowledge in an open source way.
My work at Critical Concrete consists on giving my contribute to the running “Critical Change” projects and reseraches, in order to develop and test alternatives to standard technologies for sustainable and affordable processes of local refurbishments.
I’m spending my time in Critical Concrete between researches and experiments, following all the processes by making different prototypes and actually producting as a final result.


Climate-Resilient Gardens

Climate-resilient gardens contribute to the resilience of public space in urban settings. Together with Húmus Vivo, we created those gardens in a public space in Apúlia.

Sustainable public space transformation: A case study in Apúlia

Public spaces should be dynamic spaces that fit the needs of surrounding communities and contribute to social cohesion.These spaces are very important when we think of the liveability of our cities: and even more so when we are intervening in places where private living conditions…

(Urban) Food Forest

Agriculture nowadays is one of the most harmful industries in the world. It is estimated that around one quarter of the world’s emissions is coming from this sector (1). If we were able to transform today’s techniques into a mindset and strategy that rather than…