Melana Jäckels

Melana Jäckels

Urban Planner

I am Melana and I am from Berlin, where I graduated in urban planning. During my studies and professional experiences, I participated in projects dealing with public spaces and alternative ways to shape the city. I joined the team of Critical Concrete in November 2019 because I appreciate the combination of research and practical activities. I am curious about new possibilities to enable more social and sustainable neighbourhoods.


Charring Station

In the former articles was explained some of the advantages to be found within these ancient  common methods of charring wood. Historically and within many cultures, there are a myriad of charring modalities. In this article you will find adapted and illustrate one of those…

(Urban) Food Forest

Agriculture nowadays is one of the most harmful industries in the world. It is estimated that around one quarter of the world’s emissions is coming from this sector (1). If we were able to transform today’s techniques into a mindset and strategy that rather than…

Natural Wood Protection

DISCLAIMER This article explains how to protect wood from pests, water and fire showing different environmental-friendly techniques. !UPDATE! !UPDATE! !UPDATE! !UPDATE! !UPDATE! !UPDATE! !UPDATE! !UPDATE! DE BLOWA Use Protection Limitation Interior & exterior wood, termites-infested wood Killing and repelling termites and other pests If a…