Michelle Spångberg

Michelle Spångberg

Media Producer

Olá, I’m Michelle! Even though I’m writing captions for a living I find it hard to write about myself.
I mean, who am I?

Well, I’m a media producer who moved from the beautiful forests in Sweden to the windy beaches of Porto to be part of the Critical Concrete team. My background is in video production and media/communication. I’m the person behind the camera, trying to capture the craziness of this organization. But sometimes you can also find me building a roof, repairing natural floors or reusing tiles to create mosaics. Because, why not?

Producing content for an organization with sustainability as its core is one of my biggest motivations. Environmental and social issues have always been emotionally important for me, and being around people with the same passion inspires me to do better every day.

While writing this caption I’m in a café looking out on our post graduation students with 17 different nationalities building and repairing a public space within an area of social housing here in Portugal. A sailor man and a 13 year old boy from the neighborhood have been helping us build every day. Today it’s raining a lot, but they still showed up. There’s something so beautiful with this image, and it makes my heart warm. To be able to see the impact of our work is truly my biggest inspiration being in this organization. Being a part of reshaping society into a more sustainable and responsible one, and creating content that can inspire others to reach a more sustainable lifestyle, is what drives me. I can’t think of a better way to make use of my education.

I guess this is really how simple I am. Climate activist who fights for animal and human rights. Just like everyone else on this planet? Oh, I also have a thing for unicorns. For me unicorns are a symbol for the possibility of being whoever you want to be. So after reading this odd caption, you go and be whoever you want, if not, just be a unicorn!