Neele S. Thrän

Neele S. Thrän

(Almost) Architect
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Hello world,

I’m Neele from Germany, a future architect of the new generation and want to change the way of thinking and practicing architecture in a non-conventional way!
My approach is to think of design and build as a fluent, inseparable process and to be involved in both. Already when I was a kid my dad, who is a former construction worker, would let me help with building small constructions in the garden. Later when I started studying architecture I gained knowledge in manual building skills especially in building clay constructions. The practical part helps me a lot to understand architecture better, specifically clay as a construction material and I want to maintain this way of creating while being an architect. I’m interested in finding ways to reduce the amount of new concrete buildings that will be built.

Natural materials like wood, clay and mycelium are very future-oriented and promising materials to reduce or even store CO2. Therefore I want to do more research on materials and (traditional) building techniques and learn from the past, what humans have created hundreds or even thousands of years ago and combine it with modern technologies. In the end my goal is to make what’s non-conventional conventional. For the sake of the planet!

My life-motto is to see the world from different perspectives and to discover new things. I think life is an adventure! And the best adventures I usually have in nature, when travelling, hiking or riding my bike.