Riccardo Bartali

Riccardo Bartali


I graduated in Civil Engineering and Architecture at the University of Pisa. Back in Italy, I was the co-founder of 120g, an architectural association dedicated to the enhancement of cultural heritage and new design processes.

My interests are various and collateral from urban development and refurbishment to graphic design and visual communication. I want to discover how architecture can involve more social issues and how new ideas can improve real life conditions.

Now I’m here at Critical Concrete, ready to dive into a new beloved field.


Summer School 2017’s outcome

For the second time, we did it. After a three-weeks extensive and exhausting workshop, 42 students from 19 different countries refurbished with 4 practical mentors and 10 theoretical mentors a social housing configuration, and built a prototype of passive heating in our production centre. In...

PET Solar Heating System

A major part of our preparation work for the Summer School program is to explore, experiment and play with sustainable and low cost solutions we’ll implement in the refurbishment of socially relevant spaces. Our goal is to collect experiences from experts in different fields, improve...