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Production Centre

Co-Lateral is the first production centre in the neighbourhood of Ramalde, Porto, with co-working and co-building facilities. The production centre aims to develop and experiment with sustainable, long-lasting, repairable construction processes for socially-relevant spaces. We are also developing a social and cultural programme in collaboration with our neighbouring community.


Co-Lateral offers a space for makers, carpenters, architects or designers, either professionals or hobbyists. The workshop is equipped with high quality hand tools and power tools from Bosch.

Day pass: 20€
Week pass: 80€
Month pass: 240€


– Workshop open Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm
– Deposit 100€, given back at the end of the project.
– Price for 1 person, skilled user.
– Machines/bits are given funcitonal and checked out every day. If a machine/bits is given back damaged, repair costs are on the charge of the user.
– Disposables not included (sanding paper, etc.)


The production centre also has a space that can be rented out for meetings, events or other gatherings. For more information, contact us via

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