Financial Statement 2016

As promised, here comes the financial statement for the past Critical Concrete Summer School in Aug 2016. The income of the summer school comes from student’s fees (€40413) to participate and economical support from our participation in the Actors of Urban Change programme promoted by MitOst and Robert Bosch Stiftung (€5000).

Looking at the allocation, we are happy to confirm our initial bet, that the summer school format to refurbish socially-relevant spaces is a successful and self sufficient one. Materials and tools composed around half of the costs, plus the running costs for the office, rental, transportation and food. We are proud to announce a sustainable financial statement, and will replicate, spread, and get more creative with the format of organising such socially-relevant refurbishment work without the necessity of relying on external financial support. 

Long term investment in tools and a car for transporting construction materials would not apply to the total expenditure in the future. They will be depreciated over the next years.

On top of donation and fees, we also received valuable loans, in-kind donation, discounts, one registration grant fee for a student, process-related funds from the following partners and sponsors:

Umbelino Monteiro,
Bricodepot Gaia,
Amorim Revestimentos,
Fundação Millennium,
Actors of Urban Change promoted by MitOst and Robert Bosch Stiftung.

How can we do better in the future?

Critical Concrete is actively seeking more sponsors for students who are in need of financial aid. At the same time, we are hoping to increase the budget to invite more mentors and hire more helps to facilitate the summer school, thus expand the impact with more and better projects. 

In conclusion, we are looking forward to organise more summer schools and workshops. Application to participate in Summer School 2017 will be open very soon — stay in touch!

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