Heliotropic plants have leaves and blossoms that rotate accordingly to the course of the sun, so does the Heliotrope.

The german architect Rolf Disch designed the first energy positive solar home, that is able to make an incredible use of solar energy. The Heliotrope produces five times more energy than it consumes, all of which is 100 percent renewable, emission-free, CO2- neutral.

The structure of the building is attached to a central pole that is able to rotate 180 degrees throughout the day, to track the sun. Triple thermally insulated panoramic windows on the one side and highly thermally insulated facade on the other allows the cylinder-shaped building to adjust accordingly to the need of the inhabitants. In winter, the glas front is exposed to the sun allowing maximum energy and light to enter the house, in summer the isolated facade protects the interior from direct sun light and keeps the inside cool.

The technology used in the building falls in line with the ecological ideology of the design. Solar panels on the roof and a balcony hand railing system, which functions as solar thermal pipe system that heats the water and radiators as well as the reuse of gray water and rainwater and a dry composting toilet system make this project unique in its inspiring and pioneering approach.

So far, three Heliotropes have been built accommodating different uses – from private residences to laboratories. Plans for a rotating hotel are in development.


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