Makoko Floating School

The Makoko Floating School is a prototype floating structure, which was built for the water community of Makoko, a slum neighborhood located on the lagoon of Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos.

The rapid development and urbanization of Africa, as well as the challenges and impacts of climate change have led NLE Architects to come up with a solution that offers a sustainable, ecological and alternative building system. Furthermore the project aims at the development of an urban water culture for the costal regions of Africa.

In addition to the floating school, the three-phase project includes the construction of floating residential houses and the development of a large grid of floating architecture. The structures are also able to connect to each other or float independently. The use of local and reused materials, PV cells, a rainwater catchment system as well as a natural ventilation and aeration system provides a sustainable approach to the needs of the inhabitants of Makoko. Floating plastic barrels are the base for the triangular shaped wooden structure. The ground floor provides space for a playground, the classrooms are located on the upper level and are surrounded by a public green space. Adjustable louvre slats allow the classrooms to be partially enclosed. On the roof there is an additional open classroom.

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