Pedro Santos

Pedro obtained his PhD degree in Architecture at the University of Oporto in 2017. In 1995, he elected this field of knowledge because of its relevance for the transformation of reality. This was a time when people confronted him with the question “Do you think you will change the World?”… but it is always changing… In 2003, after winning the first prize of an architectural competition with a project for homeless people housing, he started Auzprojekt with Jorge Lapa and José Macedo. There are things you can’t reach alone! As a band that refuses to constantly plays the same hits, they persisted until today, despite accidents and scars, experimenting different creative processes.

A holistic and experimental approach lead him through eclectic landscapes… These conferred him a variety of skills: an interest in legal disputes on construction led him to a post-graduation in Urbanism and Environmental Law at the University of Coimbra; a search for the technical control in project detail prompted him to become qualified as an accredited expert in calculating the energy performance of buildings (SCE-ADENE) as well as becoming recognized by the Portuguese Acoustic Society.

Pedro is not a believer but enjoys participating in rhetoric movements that restore hope and make people believe.