Alberto Rochat

Alberto Rochat

Architect & Urban Planner


Alberto is the founder of the architecture agency ARAA (Alberto Rochat Architecture Workshop), he is also treasurer of the house of architecture in Ile-de-France, and president of the association SEEDlink, which acts to valorize and connect citizen and collective initiatives.

Graduated from the School of Architecture of Versailles in 2005, he worked in Bangkok, where he undertook a research project exploring alternatives to precarious housing along the Klong, which illustrates his humanistic vision and how he wants to apply it throughout his professional practice.

Subsequently he worked in several architectural agencies where he has carried out numerous international competitions in China, Vietnam, Dubai and realized several projects of housing, public facilities, museums, urban planning projects, and so on. Subsequently, he worked in several architectural agencies where he carried out numerous international competitions in China, Vietnam, and Dubai, realizing several projects around housing, public facilities, museums, and urban planning projects.


The fields of activity he addresses encompass spheres as varied and complex as: the human, the environment, the cultural, the technical, the political, as well as the urban. He considers projects without preconceptions, in the widest sense and encouraging the most open exchange as possible with stakeholders from all horizons.

In this large orchestra of varied roles, he is always looking for the right outcome and pace to adapt to each project while indispensably remaining in balance with the financial, regulatory, technical and contextual realities.

Pragmatic and rooted in the present, yes! He also keeps this desire to go beyond the present data, carrying out research on specific housing, developing new constructive modes, and  transitory urban planning projects by involving local inhabitants in the decision-making process. By doing so, Alberto questions the more material and technological spheres, being attentive to novelties, and constantly questioning his certainties to anticipate the tomorrow.


His activity focuses on developing new ways of designing together with the inhabitants, as well as new materials that are more respectful of the environment.


He is currently working with Critical Concrete on a participatory urban planning project, Le Ferry, based in Ivry-Sur-Seine with the aim of developing exchanges between Berlin and Porto.

This project summarizes 15 years of experience and research, emanating from his political, social and environmental vision.


As Alberto puts it “…It is this curiosity, this state of awakening and openness, these experiments that motivate my approach; not to leave a trace, but to clear the path of the possibilities…!”