Ana Perdigão Antunes

Ana Perdigão Antunes



Having graduated in Architecture from Escola Superior Artística do Porto (ESAP), also know as Artistic School of Oporto, Ana is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Beira Interior (UBI). She is an accredited advisor of LiderA, the Portuguese acronym for Liderar pelo Ambiente (“Leading for the Environment” in English), an environmental certification system which seeks to support the sustainability of the planning, design and implementation of projects for the built environment in Portugal.

She is based in Portugal and India.


Foundress of A³-Ateliê Academia de Arquitectura, a laboratory conciliating the many facets of professional formation and architecture in its wider sense, Ana promotes projects in the ambit of eco-architecture and sustainability. In fact, the atelier incorporates the sustainable principles of ‘earth construction’, use of rainwater, reuse of black and grey waters as well as the implementation of passive solar strategies and bioclimatic design. Ana acts as the authoring architect and project coordinator, managing and supervising construction works, as well as consulting and providing training in earth construction and sustainability.

Ana is the current President of the Board of Directors of the association Centro da Terra, which constituted itself as a forum for discussion of techniques, materials, construction methods, and, more broadly, of architecture ‘em terra’ (literally “on land”, but referring to traditional building practices relying on what the land naturally provided, and thus ‘of the earth’). As part of her role she coordinates the projects such as “Legal and Normative Framework for Earth Construction in Portugal” and “Mapping of Earth Construction in the Portuguese territory”.