Andras Krüger

Andreas Kruger


Andreas works with his team at Belius, a Berlin based strategic consultancy, which supports policy makers, urban administrations, property owners and investors, users, civic initiatives in their activities for creating and maintaining human centered, livable, user and content driven thus economically feasable spaces. The 21st century approach to “placemaking“ is one of the major issues. Main goal is fostering opportunities in the fields of urban quarters and project developments; especially for creative industries, culture, the arts, education, inventive innovation formats, collaborative economy, social innovations, start-ups and entrepreneurship. Additionally Andreas focuses on mixtures of the above mentioned cultural, retail and commercial functions with residential usage.

The Belius team prepares surveys and reports, provides evaluations, moderates conference sessions, coordinates processes and shares knowledge in lectures. Concrete working formats are workshops, dialogue and future issues meetings, multilayer participation processes and market place discussions. The hands-on approach is a key factor in our work with clients.

Finally, they really build buildings and whole contextualized city quarters, i.e. with the “Berliner Mischung“ (Berlin Mixture). Therefore Belius contributes to the development and realisations of “concept houses“, i.e. pop museum, blue economy house, one world house (NGO centre), digital media house, “Japan Town“ (see: and a centre for sustainable mobility and transportation.