Bernardo Amaral


Bernardo Amaral graduated in Architecture from Porto University in 2005 and has collaborated in diverse architecture offices in Porto, Paris and Macao between 2003-2010. Based in Porto since 2008, Bernardo has been responsible for several refurbishments of 19th century townhouses in the historical center of the city, such as Casa do Pinheiro, which received an honorable mention of Joao de Almada prize in 2012. Among other projects, the refurbishment of a working-class housing block in São Vitor (2015) has been object of academic studies and published in specialized books or journals.

Parallel to the architecture practice (BAAU), Bernardo was invited as a tutor in several workshops and lectures, questioning the production relationship between design and building process, as well as the role of the architectural practice in social contexts. In 2015 Bernardo enrolled in a PHD Architecture Program in Coimbra University, and has been developing a research thesis on the production relationships and working methodologies of current architecture practices, that reclaim a social and political engagement.