Colectivo Warehouse

Colectivo Warehouse

architecture collective

Warehouse is an experimental architecture collective.

In our search for what architecture is nowadays and the role architects play, Warehouse aims to find a contemporary architectural praxis through experimentation, construction and development of projects in collaboration with other architects, groups, artists, communities and important areas of knowledge for urban design.

We want to achieve a more ‘inclusive’ design as a result of a multidisciplinary creativity, experimentation and sharing approach that each member and collaborator provides.

Warehouse is creating its own dynamics grounded in a collective construction practice in search of a distinctive artistic, urban and architectural identity.

Warehouse methodology adopts creative processes where design and construction are planned and implemented as a whole in both temporary and permanent projects.

Intervention and its social dynamics are an important part of our projects in order to strengthen social and spatial experiences in the emerging urban landscape.

We understand the construction process to be a time-sharing, teaching and learning moment.


– “Casa do Vapor” | Cova do Vapor, Almada | Volunteering for EXYZT

– “Onde está a Graça?” | MEDS Reaction.Lx | Graça, Lisboa


– “Play.lx”, Lisboa;

– “Cozinha Comunitária Terras da Costa” | Costa da Caparica, Almada. | Collaboration with Ateliermob.


– “Sopa da Pedra” | Locomotiva, Porto | Collaboration with Colectivo Contrabando and Bangladeshi Association.

– “Mons Invisible / Jardin Suspendu” | 2015 European Capital of Culture, Mons, Bélgica. | Collaboration with ConstrucLab.

– “Exposição Marchas do Castelo” | Museu de Artes Decorativas, Lisboa | Collaboration with Fundo de Arquitectura Social.

– Workshop “Biblioteca da Trafaria” | Trafaria, Almada.

– “Parque Intergeracional de Marvila” | BIP/ZIP “Desenhar Redes” | collaboration with Ateliermob and Xerém.

Under developement

– “Bring a Pal” | Projecto de reabilitação do Campo das Salésias, Lisboa. | 1ºprize in a Building Trust International competion.

– “Village Yard” | Village Underground Lisboa.