Marcela Lopéz

Marcela López

Contested Urban Waterspaces

I am the founder of the platform Contested Urban Waterscapes, which explores water inequalities in urban contexts from an interdisciplinary perspective. I work at the nexus between urban political ecology and urban geography to examine how inequalities can be productively conceptualized and explained through contestations that emerge over the control and access to water in cities.

An important aspect of social housing is the provision of basic public services. In this lecture, I look at how access to water is essential not only to facilitate the proper functioning of the house, but also to secure a dignified life to its inhabitants. By analysing a case study in a city in the global South, we will analyse the interceptions between access to water, citizenship and infrastructure networks to understand why water inequalities persist in many cities in the world despite technical and managerial efforts. Additionally, we will look at how urban residents excluded from the formal network develop their own strategies to secure access to water on a everyday basis.