Pedro Cavaco Leitão

Pedro Cavaco Leitão


Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto in 2003 with a thesis called “Os Sem-Casa”, dealing with the issue of homeless people, having since then collaborated in different projects that ranged from developing and working on urban planning to designing interiors and temporary spaces. Parallel to this I initiated the international collective Moradavaga in 2006 with fellow italian architect Manfred Eccli, dedicated to developing urban interventions, devising architectural happenings and designing and building ephemeral interactive installations. In 2012 completed my Master’s dissertation titled “Ephemeral Spaces: concepts, strategies & materials” which reflected on ephemeral architecture of a cultural nature and the contexts in which it is usually produced.


Actors of Urban Change – Academy Meeting

From the 16th until the 19th of February Co-Lateral hosted the 3rd Academy Meeting of the Actors of Urban Change program. Nine teams from all over Europe and beyond - Hello to our Siberian friends! - gathered in Porto and Aveiro to work, exchange and...

Summer School Week 2

We are more than half way through! It has been another intensive week in every way. Demolition and construction are happening concurrently. Teams are testing and refining ideas through rounds of discussions, trials, enhancement, prototypes, until final decisions are reached. Now comes the pressure to...

summer school week 1

It has been a week since our summer school officially kicked off. Students are getting their hands dirty on the two project sites - the social housing site in Bonfim and the production center in Francos. In the past week, walls were stripped, floors were...