Samuel Carvalho

Samuel Carvalho

ONOFF, Architect


In 2012 Samuel co-founded ONOFF, a design and architecture collective based in Berlin. He has been an active member since its foundation and worked on a number of projects including the “Kopf Kino”, initiated in Istanbul and subsequentely exhibited widely across Europe and the “Rhombi House” built in Munich. More recently ONOFF has been focusing on mobile architecture, publishing and pedagogical workshops.


Samuel joined the raumlabor team in 2011. He worked on several projects as designer and project manager, being assigned to many overseas projects. His main projects during those years were the “rush hour” project in Durban, South Africa and a Public Sauna in Gothenburg, Sweden which won the SAVG Architecture Award 2015. He has since 2015 left the practice but continues to collaborate regularly on different projects as a freelancer.