Vincent Pierré

Vincent Pierré


As a mechanical and thermal engineer, I design sustainable solutions through social approach, with natural material and local ressources. Based on permaculture and negawatt method, I have built a lot of wood & straw-bale building in different sectors (housing, social housing, eco-village, school, high school, public building) over the last 15 years. I have been experimenting different ways of co-designing with architects and people to build better living places.

Within my office Terranergie, I specialized my work with my team in eco-construction and eco-renovation from individual house to building of several floors. My philosophy of work is lead by the following idea: get rid of complex systems to look for efficiency and simplicity. Without denying technologies, I mainly work with basic and well-known principles such as isolation and ventilation more than heating system -very often complicated and expensive though very attractive innovations- for example.  

Passive buildings allows reduction of energy needs on different level:
1. Within the construction and renovation process by using vegetal fibers.
2. Within the life and use of the building by covering easily the few needs with renewable energies.
This way, building passive construction lead us right away in a energy transition for our society based on the concepts of simplicity and mutualisation.

Check out “Jules Ferry” social housing project, an 8 floors building made out from straw-bale technique!