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Summer School Week 2

Summer School Week 2

We are more than half way through! It has been another intensive week in every way. Demolition and construction are happening concurrently. Teams are testing and refining ideas through rounds of discussions, trials, enhancement, prototypes, until final decisions are reached. Now comes the pressure to complete the refurbishment work and deliver satisfying results in the remaining one week.

There is so much to learn and everyone is getting more skilled each day. Welding, wood work, plumbing, water solar heating, electricity work, community engagement, and many more skills are gained individually and collectively.

Theoretical workshop continues to bring diverse and inspiring stories. We hosted a screening of how On/Off builds a 250 Euro house. Miodrag Kuč and Marcela Lopez shared insights into critical and political urban pedagogy. An imaginative mapping session led by Miodrag Kuč and João Pedro Rosa from Plataforma para a Inovação Social engaged the students to restore the stories of our very own neighborhood – Ramalde. To conclude the week, we paid a visit to APRUPP, a heritage preservation association, in its space in historic downtown Porto.

With 2 / 3 weeks completed, teams are pumped to deliver results in the final week. We invite everyone to join us for the closing party in Francos Production Centre (1024 Rua Direita de Francos) on Saturday Aug 20 at 8pm. Stay tuned for more updates on Facebook and Twitter (@Criticalconcrt). And get ready to see our big day!

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