Tatiana Bilbao’s 8000$ houses

With a population of 120 million, only 30 million houses built and the fastest population growth rate in Latin America, Mexico struggles with a significant shortage of social housing. The rural areas are the most affected by this situation, where self-construction with temporary materials leads to a very rudimentary construction.


In this context, Tatiana Bilbao’s studio, awarded, among others, the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture Prize in 2014, was commissioned to design a replicable model of affordable houses. After studying the exiting models available in Mexico, interviews and workshops around the country, the architect noticed that the families needed more space (43sqm is the minimum required by law) and what they desired was a house that looked like the archetypal form of the house.


To respond, the architect designed a customizable home that can respond to the different needs of each family. Built around a rigid central core of concrete blocks, the house has two slanted roofs and is expandable through the construction of modules of lighter materials, such as wooden pallets. The finished house can be built from $8.000 to $14.000, depending on location, model and local regulations.


The concept was displayed at the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2015, under the theme “The State of the Art of Architecture”.


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