Caroline Chevallier

Caroline Chevallier

Architect and Research
Caroline photo Critical Concrete

Currently I am attending a Master at the school of architecture ENSA Paris-Belleville and ending one year of Erasmus in Porto. My internship in Critical Concrete is now a way to get involved in a project I endorse the philosophy. This experience helps me to understand the importance of an engaged approach in a city as Porto and the difficulties faced by the association.

I’m working on mycelium insulation panels as a new type of ecological insulation. Between reasearch and practice, this study gives me another point of view on architecture. It’s a way to get involved in a larger debate on ecology issues and a larger research based on natural material properties, which is quite interesting.


Producing mycelium insulation

NEW ONLINE COURSE Organic Materials in Architecture: Inside Mycelium After the theoretical research and the first experiments with mycelium, we got into larger production during the Summer School 2018. The first goal was start experimenting and eventually  produce mycelium insulation for the Summer School house....