Our Network

Meet our incredible  Network 

We work with a wide range of experts, designers and consultants to compliment our in-house team. This ensures that we can deliver the best for your project. Our network is always growing and we pride ourselves in being able to source the expertise needed for any project.

Pietro Degli Esposti

Pietro is an expert in earth construction. He founded the architecture, construction and consulting atelier ‘Matierra’ to provide expertise in all things earth. Interested in using cob, adobe or rammed earth on your project? Do you want to source earth locally and need to verify it’s properties?

Colectivo Mel

Ana Baptista & Hugo Dourado are both long-time architects and founders of Colectivo MEL. They have a wealth of experience in vernacular design, working with historically sensitive buildings and technical design. Are you looking to renovate an existing building and don’t know where to start?

Gianluca Stasi

Gianluca Stasi is an architect and founder of his studio, Ctrl+z, that has supported and developed collaborative, participatory and low-tech initiatives worldwide. Do you know of a public space or community asset in need of a participatory project?

Samuel Kalika

Founder of Critical Concrete, Samuel has managed many ecological construction projects, implementing innovative, low-tech solutions. Additionally, through his work at CC, he has organised numerous international summer schools and overseen the founding in the sustainable, online learning platform, criti.co. Need help sourcing reclaimed or recycled construction materials? Looking for advice on ecological design?


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