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Build your sustainable project with Critical Studio.

Are you interested in an alternative way of living? Unsure where to begin? Critical Concrete can guide you in designing and delivering your sustainable building project with a range of services at all stages of the process

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At critical studio we work directly with clients at all stages of the design and construction process. Need help integrating low carbon systems into your brief? Looking for more sustainable construction methods? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your project further.

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What can Participatory design do for you?

Participatory design is a powerful tool to rapidly define and refine your ecological project. We facilitate participatory sessions between clients and designers to quickly workshop design options and decide the final proposal.

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Our Services

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Architectural Services

Through our research and live projects we have built a wealth of experience in low-tech solutions and ecological construction. We provide full architectural services from concept design to construction.

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Interior Fitout

Natural materials create warm, inviting spaces. At Critical Studio we will help you transform your space using bespoke joinery, reclaimed materials and natural finishes.

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Project Delivery

Critical Studio can design, specify and deliver your project with our expertise of all stages. We can consult alongside your main designer or fulfil the lead designer role.

Our Expertise

We can protect and preserve new and existing timber using natural oils, charring and other methods.

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Glulam is a very strong and sustainable structural system with fantastic aesthetic properties!

At our in-house workshop we design and construct bespoke joinery pieces to perfectly fit your space.

Papercrete insulation uses recycled cardboard and lime to create interior insulation that improves indoor humidity and comfort.

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We have developed a way or reusing old tyres as strong, reliable post foundations – minimising the need for concrete.

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Using cork as a drainage layer green roofs add inhabitable growing space to your dwelling.

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Rainwater collection is a way to reduce water usage. We can design, specify and install a variety of systems to suit client’s needs.

We have developed multiple natural flooring products using recycled materials, earth, lime and sand for robust and durable floors.

Every stone wall is unique and will need an individual treatment plan for recovery, reinforcement and sometimes replacement.

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Rockets stoves efficiently burn wood as a smokeless solution to warm unheated spaces. We offer multiple models of varying complexity.

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 Our Network is our Strength 

We work with specialists and designers in sustainable fields to deliver ecological projects for all our clients

Our Projects


Built as part of an international summer school in partnership with MatosinhosHabit, this renovation of a social house features numerous sustainable features:

Valmitão House (ongoing)

Situated in central Portugal, this ongoing private dwelling project is a renovation of an existing house for a family.
Project in collaboration with Degré47 and CRUA Atelier
Natural Flooring
Rainwater Collection
Cork Insulation
Traditional Timber Framing

International Summer Schools 2016-19

For 4 years Critical Concrete ran sustainable construction summer schools involving young people from all over the world. Over the course of a few weeks we renovated a social houses for local Portuguese families using a variety of low-tech solutions. 

Recycled materials
Participatory design
Bespoke Joinery

Critical Concrete HQ

Our production centre and offices are where we test and develop many of our sustainable solutions. From stone wall rehabilitation to ecological green roofs the project is ongoing and ever expenading.
Stone wall Rehabilitation
Ecological Green Roof


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