Ginevra Agosti

Ginevra Agosti portrait

I studied Urban Planning at Politecnico of Milano but my life has led me to work outside this field until I started to work at Critical Concrete. After graduating, I spent a year sitting in front of a computer in the town hall of my city, doing an Internship that made me realize that I had to leave and discover new and different realities from the one I was used to.

I capitalized on an opportunity to travel and do my EVS (European Volunteer Service) in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Thanks to that I gained new experiences and fostered my personal development. This period of travel allowed me to build strong connections with other individuals and cultures, which has cultivated new growth and a better understanding of my future goals.

Since I joined Critical Concrete I mainly handle the organisational preparations for 4th edition of Summer School and help out with the refurbishment of the workshop space of Critical Concrete’s Production Center.