Julia Sabała

Julia Sabała

Communication & Research

Hey, I’m Julia!

I’m from Poland where I graduated in Art Education on Silesia University with specialisation in Graphic Designing. After this I came to Porto and started to work with Critical Concrete and meanwhile with Collectivo Mel. 

During my university years I created festival which build connections between students’ art and music and inhabitants. Collaboration between different parts of the city was always important for me. For that reason I came here at the end of July 2019. 

In Critical Concret I’m working in a research lab from the body of Just a Change. Currently I’m developing research about mycelium insulation panels. Apart from this I’m in the communication and social media team where we are starting to create our YouTube Channel. 


Out of the box – Vol. 3

Research about how to make low-tech insulation out recycled cardboard or paper.

Producing cardboard insulation

Following up on the previous blog entries about research on cardboard insulation, this article describes and evaluates the methodology we developed to finally produce insulation panels on a larger scale. Our goal was to insulate an entire roof, thus applying Critical Concretes prototype on to...