Samuel Kalika

Samuel Kalika


Samuel Kalika is the founder of Critical Concrete.

After studying mathematics (BA – Paris VI, 2003) and fine arts (MA – UPV, Valencia & CAFA, Beijing, 2011), Samuel moved to Berlin to coordinate the ZK/U Center for Arts and Urbanistics of Berlin (2011 – 2016).

There, he worked mainly around the problematics of sustainability of DIY, placements of artists in non-artistic organisations and coordinated the artistic residency. In parallel, he was developing socially engaged artistic projects since 2010.

In the continuation of his work at the ZK/U, Samuel founded Critical Concrete in 2015. The intention of the project was to create a socially relevant cultural project, a production centre, platform for makers and locals in a suburb of Porto. Hit by the housing poverty they encountered when scouting for spaces, Samuel and Juliana — first project coordinator — redesigned the project for it to be a solution to tackle this issue, resolve some situation, and sensibilise young people to this hidden reality.

On a second stage, the production centre Co-Lateral was opened in September 2016 in the neighbourhood of Francos, in the North West of Porto.


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