We’re always looking for people to complete our team in Porto. The new team members will work on all aspects of the day-to-day operations of this international not-for-profit organisation and have the opportunity to take initiative in problem solving in all aspects of the organisation.

Long term opportunities

The team is pretty diverse, and works on:

  • the development of the summer school and other educational programmes;
  • the research lab, continuing the research process developed until now, building prototypes, testing and publishing in the blog;
  • our social real estate project – soon online;
  • our project space Co-Lateral;

We do not accept volunteers but are not able at the moment to fund internships or similar at the moment, for this reason, we need you to fit in one of these frameworks:

Erasmus+ Internship


  • any EU resident, regardless of the nationality
  • anyone up to a year after graduation


  • very short process, very simple
  • around 400€/month, depending on your country of residency.
  • for up to 6 months, with notable exeptions, 3 or 12 in some countries

Ask the international office of your  – former – university for more information, and get in touch!

Erasmus Entrepreneur


  • anyone, based in an EU country
  • with a future idea of developing an own project


  • 3-4 months process, not excessively simple, but we can help.
  • around 800€/month
  • for up to 6 months

We are limited in number of young entrepreneur at a time, so we are selective and look for technical profiles (architects, engineers, etc.). But if you feel that this is the programme for you, just get in touch and we’ll discuss it.



  • under 30 y.o.
  • based in an EU country


  • long and complex, around 6 months to start a relationship
  • around 300€ pocket money + accommodation
  • up to 12 months placement in organisation

If the process to start the relationship is complexe, this is an unique chance to stay 12 months with us, and really develop in the organisation and through its experience. Contact us for more information.

Desired skills

  • Fluency in English, spoken and written (Portuguese very welcome!)
  • Computer skills, especially with: WordPress, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, SEO, Google Drive (it’s OK not to know it all, just tell us what you know and feel comfortable with)
  • Communication strategy
  • Relevant field of study or strong interest and experience in art and architecture
  • Interest in social science
  • Interest in researching about non-conventional building strategies
  • Ability and will to work with your hands
  • Independent and responsible worker, not afraid to ask questions, willing to embrace fields of responsibilities
  • Availability 5 days a week, for 5-6 months
  • Grant to fund your internship/placement (e.g. Erasmus+, EVS, Erasmus Entrepreneur) or internship as part of your study track


  • Research in sustainable architecture techniques
  • Community management, communication of the platform and promotion (Facebook page, online promotion, etc.)
  • Maintenance of the website
  • Fund-raising
  • Assisting the coordination of the events and summer school
  • Contribute to the refurbishment of our Production Centre (Friday is house day)

We are aware that no one can know everything, so if you recognise some of your abilities in this list, feel free to send your curriculum/portfolio as well as a short motivation letter to mail@criticalconcrete.com.

Short term opportunities – Work and Travel

You might not have the time, or be eligible for any of these programme but still want to get involved? Join us for a short time (1 week to 1 month) and stay in our production centre to participate in one of our current project.

Currently volunteers are joining the Green roof project 🙂

Contact us for more information!

For everyone

Monday to Friday, From 11:00 till 17:00, vegan lunch included from 14:00 to 15:00

For people abroad

Join us for 1 week to 1 month and stay in our facilities!

For people in Porto

Join us for a couple of days a week, for example, under these conditions:

  • 1 day of work = 1 day of workshop space use under co-lateral conditions (week schedule Monday to Friday 10:00 – 18:00 and disposable not included…)
  • 2 days of work = 1 day of workshop event