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Plastic molds houses

Plastic molds houses

Funny technique for quick house building: use recycled plastic molds structures to pour a mortar mix. The work is claimed to be done in one day (four hours to setup the mold structure, two hours to fill it), then needs 7 days to strengthen. Each plastic mold is 30x30cm, can be reused up to 50 times, and the wall thickness vary between 100 and 150mm. The current system considers the inclusion of the doors, windows, toilet and kitchen system. The electrical and plumbing systems are (somehow) integrated in the mold structure.

Founded in 1986 by Hennie Botes in South Africa, Moladi came to birth with this solution to the answer the critical situation of housing, combined with the lack of skills. The assembling process is apparently extremely easy, especially considering the overall timespan of a brick construction. Hennie Botes claims indeed that “over 90% of a construction team on a Moladi housing site consists of unskilled laborers”.


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