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The production space is located in the parish of Ramalde, near the metro station Francos.

With its 42 000 inhabitants, Ramalde is the only parish in Porto whose population remains stable or is even slightly increasing as to the general decreasing tendency of the city.

It used to be a rural area and lived mainly from agriculture. In the 18th and 19th century many farms and mansions were built, some of them still exist up to this day, like the Casa de Ramalde and the Quinta do Rio, as part of the cultural heritage of this parish.

From the end of the 19th century its landscape took an irreversible turn, as many industries arose, making it necessary to build on farmland. Textile manufactures were predominant but also metal or tanning industries, as well as a rubber factory near our future production space. As a result many workers were moving closer to the factories and Ramalde lost its rural aspect.

Map of Ramalde from 1892

As the industry slowly disappeared, the parish turned into a residential area. From the 1960s the construction of social housing, which replaced the ilhas – a typical kind of social housing from the 19th century, contradicted the new wealthy structures. Population continued to grow and Ramalde is now a quiet residential area with a combination of social housing and traditional portuguese constructions, which remain a significant part of the parish, and some more modern and luxurious buildings. Still, as rooted in the local community for centuries, some vegetable gardens surface here and there.

This contrast implies a diversity in its population. The constant demographic growth also demonstrates its vitality and capacity of transformation and adaptation.

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