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Reusing roof tiles-Part I

Reusing roof tiles-Part I

Commonly when a building is either new or re-constructed, the traces of what has been there before are blurry. Demolition causes waste. Construction needs materials. Instead of reusing demolition materials – tiles, klinker bricks,wood, nails and glass – they are mainly replaced by new elements. Even if new materials are often more appealing and easier to construct with, there must be different possibilities to break the cycle of waste and initial purchase.

We are interested in using the things we have- trying to understand the utility of the material and how we can reuse it- raising the consciousness of its hidden qualities.

We got inspired by Dave Hakkens, who is not only the inventor of precious plastic, but also created a rubber floor mixing cement in combination with construction waste. Basically what he does is quite simple; instead of using pure cement, he reduces its proportion down to 20-30% and adds crashed bricks and roof tails.After the cement is dried, he gives it a final cut by using a water sanding machine, which exposes the different shapes of the pieces.

Now it’s our turn. As a trial on the smaller scale we want to build a flower pot for our lemon tree. If our experiment is going to be successful, we will transfer the practice into bigger scales – the refurbishments of social relevant places.

The idea is to reuse demolished roof tiles as A) pigment and B) cement elements. For the beginning, we test and play with the tiles. After crushing them to smaller bricks, we distinguished three different sizes – big chunks, smaller bricks and powder.

RE-using tiles

Next we are going to work on different recipes, changing the percentage of cement, tile chunks and powder.

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