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summer school week 1

summer school week 1

It has been a week since our summer school officially kicked off. Students are getting their hands dirty on the two project sites – the social housing site in Bonfim and the production center in Francos. In the past week, walls were stripped, floors were opened, and lots of good ideas were bouncing around.

With the help of the mentors, students learned how to use hand tools, power tools, organise ideas, and realise them with their own hands. Every night, after a full day of intensive demolition and construction, we invite practitioners in the creative field to share their inspiring stories, from ReFunc’s traveling silo house to Un/Common Grounds’ participatory planning.

Stay tuned to see how our summer school transforms the two projects with thoughtful and sustainable design practice. Students are thinking of smart and creative ways to collect rain water, reduce living waste, and recycle found materials to the maximum potential.

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