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Umbelino Monteiro

Umbelino Monteiro

We are excited to present one of our sponsors, Umbelino Monteiro, a roof tile producing company, using local and sustainable resources. Founded by Joaquim Monteiro da Silva in 1959, the company managed to establish a business based on quality and innovation, while respecting the environment.

Ceramic roof tiles are the most traditional kind of roofing and are being appreciated for their robustness, durability and sustainability since centuries. The material used is local stoneware clay.

Roof tiles are hung from the main framework of a slanted roof and mechanically fixated at their top. They are hung in parallel rows, overlapping the row below to avoid rainwater to enter in-between and to cover the connection that hold the row below.

Umbelino Monteiro produces four different kinds of roof tiles as well as solar tiles and roof boards. For our project we are going to use the clay tiles, Advance Marseille, since it is the most commonly used in Portugal and part of the traditional housing.

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