Cozinha Comunitária das Terras da Costa

The neighbourhood of Terras da Costa is an illegally constructed neighbourhood in the Costa da Caparica. Around 500 people live there (it’s actually hard to have exact numbers as official data about this neighbourhood are hard to find), and this poor area extends in this hard time of crisis, despite the difficult living conditions.

Cozinha Comunitária das Terras da Costa is a highly participatory project designed by Colectivo Warehouse in collaboration with Ateliermob. Together with the communities of the Terras da Costa, the two collectives designed and built this fully functional community kitchen.

In coordination with the local population, it was decided that a community kitchen, with water access points, was the priority project to develop to increase significantly the living conditions of the neighbourhood.

A broad international team of architects, urbanists, carpenters, artists, social mediators, and a lot of volunteers could progessively joined the project, as the simple wooden framing technique and the numerous activities around the building site allowed everyone to become part of the project.

The Cozinha Comunitária das Terras da Costa was inaugurated in December 2014.

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